Foody Friday

And for today it was a very famous and one of the old misal joints of Pune, Katakir.

This place had it’s very first branch at Deccan Gymkhana, opposite to Garware college which later was shifted to a big hotel and now has its branches aswell.

The speciality of this place is obviously the Misal Pav and Mattha with it.

One must definitely try spicy Misal pav and yes Katakir for sure.

Have a great weekend ahead guys 😊

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IMG_9434Sitting by the window watching the sky pour,

The frightened little one asked, why do the clouds roar?

The roaring scared her and she shut the window at her back.

Upon which she answered the little one, its not the roaring of the sky but the joy that the sky is pouring.

The sky seems to be partying, for the lightning is nothing but the club disco lights.

The child smiled.

Opened the window again

And now again sitting by the window, gazing at the rain but a smile on her face.

And for you my friends, remember,its the approach the makes all the difference!

That’s how we Role It

We all live in this weird world

Where one day someone means the Entire world to you and the next day you are nothing but strangers.

Sad isn’t it ?

But that’s how life is.

You still need to keep your head high and walk down with grace.

Keep the show going as if nothing ever happened.

Learn from whatever broke you and bloom out of it.

For you were not meant to be stuck in a puddle, but enjoy this beautiful journey called LIFE.Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Dagdusheth temple

Recently day before yesterday, i had been to this very famous Ganesha temple of Pune(India), called as the Shrimant Dagdusheth temple. Now what made me write about it is, the offerings which i and my friend did to the poor and the needy while we visited the temple.

We offered food to the needy and the paralytic who were hungry. The joy that i could see on their face after giving them food is something that i dont think i can express in words. So true and so irreplaceable. The world indeed has enough for all of us. It would be great if we help the society by serving the needy.

Since this is my first blog, to whomsoever reading this i would love to see your comments.

Thanks 🙂